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Montage of kitchen furniture

In order to offer our clients comprehensive services, apart from designing and production of kitchen furniture, we also assemble them. We are perfectly aware that self-assembly equipment is a time-consuming activity, which is why we offer professional installation of kitchen furniture in Łódź and surrounding areas. As a team of qualified and experienced professionals, we can guarantee that a special emphasis is placed not only on the correct assembly of equipment, but also on their safe suspension and leveling. Before mounting the cabinets, we always check whether the place where they are to hang, meets the technical requirements. If necessary, reach for the appropriate reinforcement.

Comprehensive service - production, design and assembly of furniture

We know that if you want to feel good in your own kitchen, you should devote a lot of attention to it not only during designing, but also during assembly. Therefore, we would like to provide all our clients with comprehensive services, starting from the preparation of an individual project, and ending with transport and assembly of furniture.

Why choose kitchen furniture in Meble Legar Łódź:

  • we have been designing and assembling kitchen furniture for over twenty years, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding users,

  • we will deliver the kitchen and install it at a convenient time,

  • we put emphasis not only on the correct assembly of the equipment, but also on their mounting,

  • our specialists will take care of every detail so that you can enjoy the functional kitchen for many years.

Kuchnie klasyczne nie są w Twoim stylu? Zapoznaj się z ofertą ofertą kuchni eleganckich.