Kitchen projects

Based on many years of experience and excellent knowledge of trends in the field of interior design, our role is to create individual kitchen rooms, tailored to the specific needs of users. We design classic and modern kitchens, making the room can be exactly what you dream of. In our projects simple, proven forms meet with unconventional solutions, and the distinctness of patterns and colors harmoniously harmonizes with the delicacy of shapes. By creating kitchen interior concepts, we pay attention to both functionality and stylish design. Thanks to this, we create unique kitchens using the best quality materials.
Kuchnie klasyczne - Meble Legar

Classic kitchens - Legar furniture What should the kitchen design look like?

Kitchen design is a complex and time-consuming process. This is a room in which we spend a lot of time, so it is worth to put on the best fit of space to the requirements of users. A good kitchen design should primarily take into account the ergonomic layout of furniture and all the most important appliances. Thanks to this, we will quickly find ourselves in a new interior, and each activity during the preparation of meals will not take much time.

Why is it worth to order a kitchen project at Meble Legar :

  • during the design we keep in mind every aspect related to the placement of furniture and kitchen equipment,

  • we provide not only proprietary solutions – we also count on the client’s ideas,

  • before the order is completed, we present the visualization of the room.